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What Is God Really Like? | New Audiobook ReleaseThis post is a 3 min read

The latest audiobook I’ve narrated is finally and officially live & available for purchase.

I was somehow able to convince a friend, mentor and regular podcast guest SJ Hill to allow me to be the narrator for his latest book, What is God Really Like? Unique Insights Into His Fascinating Personality

You may have previously heard us discuss this book together in the last episode of the podcast SJ guested on, and you may have heard me mention it several times on the show since.

At the time of posting this, it’s been live for less than 24 hours, so we could use some reviewers!

Here’s a sample of the audiobook.

If you’re new to my site or podcast and have never heard the mention of this thing called “Audible“, it’s a service that allows you to listen to your favorite books on the go via a smartphone app.

If you don’t already have an Audible account, you can sign up for a free month trial, during which you’ll be eligible to receive two credits. Once your first month is over, you’ll be charged $14.95 per month for Audible service, which includes a free monthly book credit and 30% off all listed prices of titles.

Once you’ve signed up for the trial, you’ll have 30 days to pick out two free books to download before you’re billed for the next month of your Audible membership (but I’m confident you’ll enjoy listening to audiobooks if you’re a fan of podcasts). And if by chance you don’t enjoy it and decide to cancel your membership before the trial is over, any and every audiobook you got while you were a member are still yours to keep forever.

Here’s What You NEED To Do if You’d Like To Join Audible AND Get S.J’s Book Free

For a limited time — like until this offer of Amazon’s is over, if you go and sign up for Audible — contact me before using any of the free credits they offer you with the free trial. That’s IF you want to listen to What’s God Really Like as your first listen.

Contact me at (fireonyourhead AT stevebremner DOT com) and show me the proof (i.e. a screenshot of your order or forward me your email receipt/confirmation of purchase) and I’ll send you a promo code for it with instructions on how to redeem it.

PLEASE MAKE SURE to use the promo credit I give on SJ’s book. Audible regularly performs audits to make sure an author’s promo codes are actually being used to download the author’s book, so if you ask me for one but then don’t use it on this book, they may discontinue the distribution of promo codes to me as a result. So be honorable about this if you contact me for one.

If you already have an Audible account and want to review SJ’s book for us, then you can also contact me for a promo code. However, this free trial doesn’t apply to you.

So, head over there at this link or by clicking any of the ads in this post or on the sidebar for an Audible membership, or by going to this link. Then, look for SJ Hill’s book “What’s God Really Like?”, buy it, and let me know you did, and I’ll thank you with a promo code until I run out of them.


If you haven’t already heard it, don’t forget to check out the previously mentioned episode of the podcast where SJ and I discussed this book.

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