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What is God REALLY Like? | Podcast with S.J. HillThis post is a 2 min read

We misunderstand the difference between the God who is presented in the Old Testament and the seemingly contradictory one we see in the New Testament.

Today’s guest tells us that there are aspects of God’s personality we haven’t even begun to tap into! How often do you think of God’s artistry, creativity and … humility.

Wait, God is humble?

Yes, he’s the epitome of humility!

Join me this week as I finally talk again with S.J. Hill for the first time on the podcast in nearly 5 years and he shares why!

Things that came up (sorta in this order):

  • The Jewish approach to Scriptures at the time
  • We’re to begin with Jesus as our template, not Moses
  • The significance of it being Moses & Elijah who appeared with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration
  • Authors of the Scriptures and how they were inspired and not dictated to, leading to imagery and wording unique to many of their personalities
  • What is God’s wrath? Is he actively attacking and punishing those he’s disappointed with, or allowing them to have their own way (ie. sowing and reaping) and experience the consequences?
  • Penal substitutionary atonement — OK we didn’t use that phrase exactly, but we do discuss whether Jesus really saved us FROM the Father’s anger
  • How can I open up to God if I think he’s always angry with me?

And I think one of my favorite parts of today’s podcast was the part where we discuss HUMOR in the New Testament, particularly the parables of Jesus.

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About Our Guest

S. J. Hill is a gifted Bible teacher with more than forty years of experience in the ministry.

He has been on the faculty of F.I.R.E. School of Ministry, the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, as well as Mike Bickle’s Forerunner School of Ministry.

He has traveled throughout the United States and around the world, inviting people to enjoy God out of an understanding of His enjoyment of them.

He is the author of several books including Enjoying God and A Love for the Ages.

June 14th, 2018 Update:

SJ’s book is now available on Audible and narrated by yours truly.

Click on the image to get it.

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