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Do You Exaggerate Your Personal Testimony?


I was reading a really good biography on my Kindle these last few days, and quickly I became nostalgic of my own adolescence as the author was sharing their sordid past. I personally have never done drugs, I didn’t get into drinking alcohol or sexual promiscuity. My life was pretty tame in those regards, but […]

My Testimony Part 3: Senior Year and Revival

If you’ve not been reading my series on my personal testimony, it’d help you if you started from the beginning.  However, it’s not completely necessary and you can jump in right now if you wish.  A significant turning point happened around my last year in high school, and is worth writing its own entry about […]

My Testimony Part 2: Most Likely To Become Santa Claus

Thank you for taking an interest in reading my testimony. If you’ve landed on this page first, you’ve skipped My Testimony Part 1, and should go read it first since it builds context. Or not. I’m not your mom. But starting at the first entry in a series is always a good idea.  When I […]

My Testimony Part 1: “Christians” Are Pretty Boring People

…and act like they’ve been baptized in pickle juice Or at least that’s what I used to think when I was younger. Wait, who am I trying to kid, I still think many of them are, at least the really stoic ones who don’t know how to enjoy God and relate to Him as anything […]

Baptism By Fire: My Personal Calling

This is a dream I had in 1999, and a blog post I put on my blog in Nov of 2004.  This is one of the only times I’ve reposted an old blog entry and not fixed it up not fixed it up very much. I didn’t make any very many changes or corrections, or […]

The Old Fashioned “Year In Review” Blog Post

Or “The Year of I Told You So” Well, I’m finally writing an update. It’s the end of the year, again, and I find myself over here in Brantford, Ontario visiting extended family and my grandparents on both sides of the family, like I seem to always be doing every year around Christmas. I don’t […]