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Convert Your Book to Digital Ebook & a Print Interior File (Cover Design NOT included)

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I will take your Word file, .docx or other word processing document of your book and convert it for upload on Kindle Direct Publishing, and other self-publishing sites, as well provide you an ePub file at no extra cost.

See the description below for more details and conditions and to contact me with information about your book for a quote.


I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve begun reading a Kindle book by a self-published author and the formatting made the book nearly impossible to read. Some authors who’ve never even used a Kindle device convert their own books or run their file through a free online converter, and the results are simply terrible. Still, others don’t know how to format their book. If that’s you, or maybe you just would like to save some time, then let me do it for you.

I will take your Word file .doc or .docx file and convert it for upload on Kindle Direct Publishing, as well as make you an ePub file ready for upload on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc… as well as a PDF interior file ready for Print-On-Demand sites like CreateSpace, KDP Print, Ingram Spark, etc…

Please note, this is for ebook formatting services in particular. If you would also like a nice interior print-ready file as well, please say so when reaching out to me in the form below for a quote. If you only require an ebook, please say so. I will give you a quote according to what you’re asking of me.

Your final file in ePub (for Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and others) and Mobi (for Kindle) will contain:

  • A clickable Table of Contents.
  • Flowable text and images that adapt to any device dimensions
  • Clickable Footnotes/Endnotes if your book contains them
  • Clickable links if your book contains them
  • Correct page/section breaks as per how fluid text mobi/epub files work

Your Final Ebook file will NOT have:

  • Page numbers as pages are not defined like a printed book. Mobi and ePub files are a continual fluid text document and not a fixed text document with pages like a print book.
  • I recommend NOT having special characters such as drop caps will not be included or used as they do not transfer well into ebooks. I can do drop caps, but with some caveats we can discuss when we communicate.
  • I also do not include any block quotes or “pull quotes” in the ebook as those almost never look nice in ebooks. Save the fancy stuff for your print book, in which case I usually do them the same way as images!
  • Specialty fonts as ebooks only support a few specific fonts, and the reader chooses how the book looks on their e-reader device or app

Ebook formatting

Instructions Upon Payment

When payment is successfully received, you should either be shown a checklist or e-mailed one indicating what exactly I will need from you to get started. In this case, your Word file and a JPEG or PNG of your cover. I’m also working on a link with a video visual aid (pictures and GIF files) to help answer some of the questions most authors tend to have about and/or during the formatting process that will put your mind at ease when you see some things in your ebook that you may think are errors but really aren’t.

Upon receiving the files from you, I will get started and personally communicate with you within 48 hours through the e-mail address you used to send me your files.

If I am unable to send you your converted book in that period of time I will issue you a refund and apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note:

  • If your book has many images, please send me an e-mail first and we will see if I can convert them well for your needs. Every time I’ve done an image-heavy book, it’s taken me longer than usual (and I’ll ask for up to double my normal rate). Often time the authors aren’t satisfied with the results and ask multiple revisions, hence it takes me much more time. Please don’t tell me your book “only has a few images”, and THEN send it to me allowing me to find out there’s, like, over 20. I will simply increase the price of my service in my final invoice if that happens.
  • And, if you’re using images in your book, make sure you own the copyright or have a license to use them before hiring me to format the book. It is not my responsibility to find and download the images for you.
  • You are reminded to double-check to make sure you have no mistakes in your text and that you are submitting your final draft before purchasing this order. I do not provide editing with this service. I am working to turn this around to you as quickly as possible, so I don’t read the material closely. I usually work with manuscripts that have been edited professionally and are ready to go to print and on Amazon
  • As a minister living in Peru, I often have legit reasons for not responding quickly OR sometimes circumstances beyond my control keep me from responding as quickly as I’d like, such as periods where I’m without internet access for days at a time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Terms and Conditions of this Service:

  • I will provide unlimited revisions only if the mistake(s) is/are my own fault. If you request changes after the conversion has already been completed and sent to you, you will be expected to make it worth my while. Again, I DO NOT PROVIDE EDITING SERVICES with this service.
  • Refunds will only be issued if asked before I have begun the work. No refunds will be issued if work has already been started, and certainly not after having already provided you the converted files in a zip file and sent them to you
  • As a Christian, I have an open mind about formatting anything an author may pay for whether it conforms to my beliefs or not. However, under no circumstance will I format erotica, or anything that condones and promotes illegal activity or racism.
  • For first time customers, I will not start the project until I’ve received payment. No exceptions. 
  • For urgently needed conversions, I’m motivated to send you back your book in less than 24 hours (ie. the same day) if you leave a generous tip in addition to the quoted price prior to starting on this project.
  • I’m flexible with payment options for recurring customers only.
  • Again, when contacting me, please advise me if your project has a lot of endnotes/footnotes. This aspect of the conversion is done manually so as to make sure each one is a proper clickable link. The more notes there are to convert, the longer it can take and as a result, it impacts my asking price.
  • If you’re on a shoestring budget, you’re better off finding someone else to do the formatting. You can save yourself some time by spending money or save your money by spending your time. I’m here to help you with the time-saving and having a kick-butt ebook and print file.
  • PLEASE BE HONEST WITH ME FROM THE BEGINNING about your book’s needs, its deadline, how many images and endnotes you may require, etc. I can’t keep track of how many times an author has told me “it only has a few pictures“, and in the end, it was more like 30. Or they say there are only a dozen footnotes, but in actuality, there’s 200. These aspects cause me to take longer to complete your book. Knowing ahead of time exactly what I’m working on, I would charge accordingly and provide it within the timeframe I say I will. 

I set my pricing based on the following:

  • Careful attention to detail
  • The time it takes to repeatedly review your book on both my Kindle Paperwhite & Kindle Fire Tablet
  • The time it takes to answer your particular questions back and forth in our emails
  • My experience (re: years) as a formatter, and self-published author
  • My guarantee that you are satisfied with the final results.
  • How long your book is and how complicated the project will be.

If you want it done cheaply, you “get what you pay for” and I’m sure you can find someone else to do it (i.e. save time by spending money, or save money by spending time).

If you want your e-book formatting done excellently, then I’m ready when you are!

If you think we’d be a good fit and are looking forward to having your book look like it was formatted by a traditional publisher, then send me the required info below.

Blessings to you!


10 reviews for Convert Your Book to Digital Ebook & a Print Interior File (Cover Design NOT included)

  1. Eric Gilmour

    Steve has made several of my books into ebooks. I greatly appreciate his work ethic and excellence. I have passed him on to several others who now share the same gratitude for Steve’s work. I won’t go to anyone else :)

  2. Michael Dow

    I am deeply grateful for the Lord connecting me with Steve. He has formatted several books for me into digital versions and I have since connected him with others. It has been a joy to work with Steve in this way. His commitment to excellence, the fantastic turnaround times, and overall quality of work have made this piece of our process something that our team is glad to have in place. I will not look to anyone else to help us in this way and I highly recommend Steve to any and all who may be looking!

  3. Rahkal Shelton

    I met Steve through a referral of a referral. Although we didn’t know each other Steve demonstrated extreme generosity, flexibility and a commitment to supporting me. I am a new author and did not know much about formatting or ebook soliciting.

    Steve did an amazing job formatting my ebook. Additionally, he coached and provided me with great information on ebook publishing. Steve was prompt, professional and very gracious. At the time of publishing, I did not have the funds for both print and ebook formatting. However, Steve shared how God blessed him with tremendous support and he felt lead to pay this forward.

    That said, Steve allowed me to make my payment after receiving service. Because of Steve’s support, I was able to format both my ebook and soft-copy simultaneously. I am grateful and highly recommend Steve!

  4. Hugh Whitmore

    I was referred to Steve for my four-book conversion project. Steve was prompt, professional and fairly priced. He turned my project around faster than I anticipated and he responded to every glitch that came up. He even corrected a couple of editing errors for me that technically were not his job. As an active author, I’ll be back!

  5. John Spencer

    Steve has now converted my first two children’s books into e-books which display beautifully and all link internally to each section and externally to various websites.

  6. Bill Juoni

    I was referred to Steve and he did an excellent job of converting my book into an eBook format. He was very easy to work with and very helpful in answering my questions being I was a first time author. I would very highly recommend him!

  7. Josh

    I met Steve probably 5 years ago online, in conversations around my first book, God’s Will is Always Healing: Crushing Theological Barriers to Healing. When I wrote that book, I did everything myself, and there is A LOT to be done, I assure you. It worked out OK for me back then, but only after burning tons of time with learning, trial and error.

    However, after pouring myself into writing my second book for 4 years, I just wanted it to be done! So when it came time for all of the technical details, I was happy to pass the Kindle conversion piece to Steve and get it off of my plate. A) it saves me time, and B) he does a better job than I would.

    The turnaround time for the initial draft was very quick. Then we went through a round or two of adjustments. Steve was generous with his time and patient with my pickiness, because he has the same high standards that I do. Are you thinking about using his service too? Hmm.. Pay a very reasonable fee to save hours of time and end up with a superior product, PLUS get some extra cash to a missionary family in Peru? That’s a no-brainer, guys! I can’t recommend his Kindle conversion service, his friendship, and his ministry enough!

    –Joshua Greeson, Author
    God’s Will is Always Healing: Crushing Theological Barriers to Healing
    Reboot: New Words. New Thoughts. New Life

  8. Tim Kurtz

    Steve just finished converting my latest book. I used another service for an earlier book, and found them to be disconnect from me and the project. With Steve, although I have never personally met him, I felt he was a genuine partner in this phase of my books release. Also, to me it was a tremendous asset to have a believer do this work. I was extremely pleased with the final outcome. As long as provides his service, I will be coming back for future projects.

    Tim Kurtz, Author
    Leaving Church Becoming Ekklesia

  9. Maria R.

    Steve was a ray of light during a very dark period of time for my family – we had worked to pull together a memoir of sorts of my late father in law right before he passed from cancer. It was an enormous task, and I had close to 500 pages without a clear direction as to formatting for Kindle or whom to reach out to regarding designing a cover. Steve was empathetic, efficient and warm, cannot recommend him highly enough. Will absolutely use his services again if needed.

  10. Waldean Wall

    Steve was great. Quick delivery, great pricing, and the end result was wonderful. He is my solution to ebook conversion.

    Waldean Wall – Money and the Gospel

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