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Help Us Print It & Distribute Our Book In South America


We have an exciting opportunity to translate our book Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues into Spanish so we can distribute it in Peru where we serve as missionaries. We can’t do this without your help.

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Updated: 05/15/19

Want to help us distribute the Spanish translation of my book 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues throughout Peru and South America?

As some of you may already know, I have authored a few books and have translated a previous one into Spanish.

As a missionary to Peru who’s married to a Spanish-speaking Peruvian, we both felt burdened to translate and distribute this book and have had the manuscript translated into the local language, and now edited and proofread by several friends and beta readers.

All that’s left is printing.

The cost will be spread over the following stages of the process:

  1. The translation of our book 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues into Spanish, and two other books of mine if we exceed our minimum budget. Completed. 
  2. Hiring an editor and/or proofreader for the Spanish translation upon completion. Completed
  3. Artwork and typesetting of the book. Completed
  4. Printing copies locally (in Peru where we live). In order to get a discounted rate, we will need to print a certain minimum number of copies. The goal: 500 copies.

If you have read the book for yourself, and you found it to bless you immensely, please consider sowing into fertile ground and help me give Spanish readers the opportunity receive the same impact.

Why are we launching a crowdfunding campaign on our own site instead of using a “legit” site? Click here for our explanation to that question and other FAQs.

About The Typesetting, Artwork & Printing

With some things being more economical for us to carry out here in Peru due to the exchange rate, we’re able to work with a ministry colleague and a personal friend on the cover artwork as well as printing the book in paperback format. In order to pay only $4/copy, we need to print a minimum of 500 copies.

Cost of printing 500 copies x $3/book = $1500 US

Total Remaining (as of 11/23/18): $1500

Other reasons we need your help sowing into this project:

  • The majority of the people we minister with and who we disciple in Peru don’t read or speak English, so it’s in our best interest to give books like this to them in their own language (Spanish).
  • It provides you the opportunity to partner with us in this and be involved in the process of getting this into the hands of Peruvians in both the suburbs and shanty towns, as well as the jungles we minister in, and the high lands.
  • We’ve found over the years as we’ve ministered with regular support and special donations, that those who give also pray for the success of what they’re sowing their hard-earned money into. We believe God gave us this particular book to remove the obstacles in many people’s way so that they could walk in the Spirit and exercise this particular gift. As such, we know you won’t just be financing this, but joining us in prayer for its impact, reach and fruitfulness.

To find out more about what we do in Peru and what our goals are, click here. For reasons why we’re hosting a crowdfunding campaign on our own website instead of a “legit” one and other FAQs about this campaign, click here.
Thank you very much for investing in the kingdom this way with us.
Blessings and fire on your head
Steve, Lili & Jemina Bremner
Spreading the fire in Peru

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PLEASE notify us if you send a gift to W.O.C. specifically for this printing and distribution project so we know that’s what it’s intended for when we receive the funds and will use it accordingly.