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Fire On Your Head Newsletter

I read a lot of books. Now I also write books.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and now I also narrate them.

Whenever I interview someone on the Fire On Your Head podcast, 75% of the time they are also an author I’m interviewing because I’m a fan of something I’ve read. And I’m interviewing them because I think YOU will get your world rocked in a good way from hearing them or reading their book.
Basically, I’ve found something I think you should know about.

Not everybody listens to the podcast, so this newsletter serves a similar purpose, especially if you’re a fan of Fire Press and miss the regular blog posts we used to do over there.

If you have the same taste and sensibility in books as I do, and understand our motif in disciple-making, spreading a Kingdom movement and kicking Spirit-filled believers out of the upper room, and not the least of all, WRITING, then the Fire On Your Head newsletter is for you.

You’ll be encouraged by testimonies and personal notes that are not just copied and pasted blog posts anybody can read on the internet. These are exclusive updates, book recommendations, and inspirational posts and productivity tips in the craft of writing.

I don’t get paid by anybody to promote their book to you. I just let you know sometimes when offers are on sale, or maybe a little-known author friend has a great book and I want to help out and spread the word.

But know this: I’d rather go a few months without emailing you about anything than come up with some book to link to just to keep the emails coming regularly.

So, I’ve put together a private email list for these reasons. If you sign up you’ll start getting emails at least once per week. In the past subscribers have received free audible codes for audiobooks, free review copies of mine and friends’ books, and from time to time I’ve given away a limited number free copies of books like 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues on a first come, first serve basis.

All of this only to subscribers. We don’t share most of these things on social media.

When you sign up I’ll send you my manual, Write Your Book in 30 Days.

The goal of the newsletter is to encourage you, inspire you, and often times to recommend books that stick with you long after you’ve put them down—or better yet, change your life and help you become a better writer.

But more importantly, my goal is the same as why I write and record podcasts — to spread the fire. To use my gift(s) to spread Kingdom revolution. 

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Steve Bremner
Author, Podcaster,
And Missionary to Peru