Steve Bremner

Author, Podcaster & Writing Coach

Do YOU Want to be a Guest on the Fire On Your Head Podcast?


So, you’re interested in being on the show — That’s great!

I am always looking to connect with great people who want to encourage and inspire others by sharing what God is doing. I want to connect on a personal level, and I want to find the absolute best guests I can for the Fire On Your Head audience.

Let’s start here

Before we get into talking about logistics, let’s talk about our listeners – the Fire On Your Head podcast audience. Our goal is to kick people out of the upper room and DO something with the power of God in the lives of those around them.

The typical listener to Fire On Your Head ranges from a full-time ministers of the Gospel who are twice my age and already seasoned in ministry, to other millennials who are tired of “normal church”. We have a decent variety of listeners, but they are usually at least open to charismatic flavors of evangelicalism.

In order to provide as much value as I can for my listeners, I usually focus the stories and interviews with people whose books I’ve read and invited to be a guest on the show, or who my friends have personally recommended to me.

There’s usually a relational connection between me and our guests already. I seldom have accepted cold call invitations from people who’ve wanted to be on my show, but I’m willing to give it a shot if I feel it might be a good fit.

But you need to know I usually turn town about 90% of the people I receive such cold-call invitations from.


Because they indicate they have no idea what this show is about and what kind of guests I usually have on. If you’re just looking for the latest place to plug your dieting book, you’re in the wrong place!

If it’s obvious to me you didn’t read this page before cold pitching me, I probably won’t even respond.

If you’re interested in connecting with new people and having an impact on people you’ve never met by sharing stories of God’s faithfulness, let’s keep going!

As a guest of Fire On Your Head, you need to be ready to:

  • Encourage and inspire everyday believers to do the impossible
  • Share your delight in what God is doing in your sphere of influence, however small or large that sphere of influence is
  • Share stories about the tough times and the victories in your life or ministry
  • Share your unique perspective or message
  • If you are an author, you can pretty much guarantee I will want to know the inspiration behind your book and “where it came from”

Your story could encourage, challenge, inspire, and guide people you’ve never met or might not normally reach in your own sphere of influence.

That’s the beauty of podcasting and using online tools like this.

I fully expect that as a result of this show, people will:

  • Be more effective in ministry
  • Be inspired by what God can do through them
  • Meet new like-minded people
  • Delight in the Kingdom of God
  • Know there are others out there just like them that God is using in a mighty way
  • Find other believers who are also wrestling with some of the same issues and questions as they are

Maybe not in ways that you or I ever know about before we die. But this is what I believe God is doing and will be doing with this podcast, and your interview.

Guests must have something worthwhile to say

That’s my only criteria.

In the past I’ve had friends on with no goal or aim as to what we’d talk about, and I believe those episodes suffered. But as I’ve branched out and had other bloggers, missionaries, pastors, authors, or all-around unique and interesting individuals, I’ve seen something magical happen.

I just want to help kick Christians out of the upper room and live out their faith. Do you have something to talk about and discuss that will result in that goal? Whether you have a platform of your own or not, you might have something to say.

Let’s talk about it!

Note: It’s OK if we need to change or conceal names and places for security reasons. Just let me know when you contact me.

So…what’s next?

If you’re interested in being on the Fire On Your Head podcast and you really resonate with what we’re all trying to do here, you might be a great fit for an interview or discussion. If so, there are still a few details we’ll want to work out.

First, pray.

Pray for God’s direction regarding whether you should contact me for an interview. This is the MOST IMPORTANT step. It trumps all the others. I’ll be praying, too, when I receive your message.

Then, If you feel like God would have you move forward, use the contact form below to get in touch.

Some logistics

I’m really happy to share your stories and resources. I make accommodations where I’m able. That said, I do rely on some technology to make this work and to produce a high-quality show that sounds great. It’s ideal if you can make sure you have access to:

  • A quiet place to record
  • High speed internet access
  • Skype (Why Skype? This is STILL preferable to me instead of Zoom and other tools as I’ve got the system down to an artform for recording and many other files, and Skype gives me a raw audio file — not a compressed mp3 — to edit, unlike other programs that I’ve experimented with). 
  • If you have a high quality microphone of your own to use, please use that instead of your normal Skype mic.

If you have challenges with those, please make sure that you mention that when you contact me. They’re not always show-stoppers but we’ll need to create a plan to make the most of your time and how to make you sound great.

And, when we’re all done, I’ll definitely want your help connecting with even more great people like yourself.

NOTE: Contacting us and/or providing us a copy of a book you may be promoting does not guarantee we will interview you, but we will prayerfully discern if that’s the next step to take.