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Why You Should Not Go Exclusively with ACX for Your Audiobook’s Distribution

You may be reading this post as an already-established author, and contemplating dipping your toes into the audiobook market. If you are still on the fence, you might want to read this previous post of mine, Should Authors Make Audiobooks — A Narrator’s Perspective, first. Or don’t. I’m not your mom. I mentioned in my […]

Don’t Mistake Learning With Doing

I constantly get messaged by people asking me questions because they’re “planning on starting a podcast” or they’re “going to” write a book. Years have gone by and I neither see nor hear anything about either of these things for many of the people I have these conversations with. What’s up with that? In my […]

Building Momentum by Tackling the Easiest Thing First

I’ve been thinking about a productivity hack in my life that I felt was true, and then I recently two different books that said so in different ways. First, let’s keep something in mind. Much of what I’m referring to is through the lens of writing but can be applied to whatever you want for […]

Books Can Go Places You Can’t

A friend of mine has traveled with a well-known and established preacher for many years. This minister has written at least 30 books, and I’m certain this is a conservative estimate. He’s also had his books translated into many languages, including Spanish. I took the opportunity to hear him speak once when he was down here in […]

9 Ways To Feed The Blogging Beast

I constantly tell aspiring authors and writers that before publishing a book, they ought to be writing daily or very often so as to practice their craft and excel at it. I also encourage writers to have their own blog, and not use one of the freebies like Wix, Blogger, or, but to self […]

If You’re Going to Write a Book, Put in the Rest of the Work!

I rub shoulders all the time with other indie authors who want to cut all the corners they can in their book’s production, rush it to publication and spend as little money as possible doing so. I get it. I was a broke missionary living on support when I published my first few e-books and […]

10 Steps To Mediocre Book Promotion

I originally wrote this blog post in January 2014 one year after I started publishing ebooks on Amazon, and before one of my titles got picked up by a traditional publisher and experienced a wider release. One of my titles (the one on divine healing) reached number one in Pentecostal Christian books the weekend I […]

Before Asking Me To Promote Your Book or Be on My Podcast

In my last post I began to rant about some of the unsolicited requests for money I get, and other similar types of favors, and realized I needed a separate blog post to address fellow authors. I get a lot of requests to read and review Advanced Reader Copies (A.R.C.s) and even unedited manuscripts. Well […]