Steve Bremner

Author, Podcaster & Writing Coach

Writing Under an Open Heaven

One morning last week I woke up super early for the second morning in a row. I went to bed late the night before and woke up while it was still dark, probably a few hours still before my alarm was set to go off. I was wide awake and unable to fall back asleep. […]

Still not convinced you need to worry about this as a writer?

Have you missed me? I’ve been absent from my blog and podcast for much of 2019, but whenever I’ve had something important to share, I’ve gone to the Fire On Your Head Newsletter and shared things there. So, if you’re not already subscribed, then ask yourself why not? Sign up and you’ll get email like […]

Don’t Be Like Michael

Michael saw a webinar with some internet marketing gurus who were talking about all the money they allegedly make with their Kindle empires.   Michael thought he would do the same thing and would have 5 figures a month in passive income in no time.   What the gurus didn’t say in their video training […]

What I Learned Working for “Love Offerings” & “Competitive Pricing”

TL;DR: I ain’t doing it ever again. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now: Many authors under price their books. A few over price their books to the extreme, but I find it’s the former I encounter the most. But it’s not just authors. Freelancers and service providers are similarly tempted to offer their […]

BRANDING 110: Publishing Your Own Books with Ryan J. Rhoades

Hey guys On Sunday I got to be interviewed by Ryan J. Rhoades, founder of Reformation Designs on a weekly FB live interview series he’s been doing on the subject of branding. He talked to me about writing and publishing books, of course. You can click on the embedable video below, but just know that […]

What is an Author Coach?

“How writing daily for years prepared me for working out and losing weight.” I’ll tell you. But first, let me spend some time telling you about my weight loss journey. Trust me, it’s relevant. Facebook memories, the “on this day” feature on the FB mobile app, are reminding me that it was 2 years ago […]

How NOT To Grow Your Brand & Market Your Book

I’ve posted on my site several times why I don’t do review swaps with other indie authors and expressed my disdain for being added to groups on Facebook without my permission, invited to like business pages with people who’ve never once discussed their business with me or engaged in any conversation or human interaction. But […]

What Is It Like Living in Peru?

I get asked all the time how I like living in Peru. Often times I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to that after living here nine years. As a writer, I always am stretching myself to figure out how to describe things and bring readers INTO what I may be thinking and feeling […]