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Charlottesville, Race, and the Culture Wars

On This Episode of Warriors on the Wall, we’re joined by Shawn Landis, who is inadvertently filling in for Travis Brown who couldn’t make it for this recording for whatever reason on a Saturday night. I’ve known Shawn since Bible school days, and even had him on my Fire On Your Head podcast several years […]

They Outnumber The Stars: Abortion From A Male Perspective

It isn’t easy being a passionate man who wants to be a father, it is even more challenging when that opportunity is snuffed out by a “woman’s choice.” Before I begin my experience in dealing with such a tragic subject, I will begin with a story. Abraham was promised a son with his wife Sarah, […]

Anthill Arguing with the Sun | Warriors On The Wall

I’m finally on the Warriors on the Wall Podcast again after nearly three months since the last time I did one. We have had a difficult time scheduling one around Travis’s work hours, and my life has been hectic these last weeks since my daughter Emily was born via C section. But to make up […]

Free Speech Riots & Trump’s Refugee Ban | Warriors on the Wall

This week on the Warriors on the Wall Podcast we were privileged to have James-Michael Smith on the show to talk about the Trump Administration’s Refugee/Muslim ban, and free speech and the rioting that seems to be becoming endemic these days on college campuses whenever guests are brought in to speak and students don’t like […]

Dead Hamsters, The Inauguration & 2016 in Review

In the latest episode of the Warriors on the Wall podcast we discuss the change of power in Washington D.C. and the cabinet picks. We also discuss threats made against the POTUS and the inauguration, the politicians who boycotted as well as performers. Finally we had a look at the year of 2016 in review […]

Flag Burning, #PizzaGate, and The Worst Christmas Presents

In the latest episode of The Warriors On the Wall podcast, we talk about Trump’s inflammatory statement about burning the American flag. We dive into the interesting conspiracy theory of #PizzaGate, and segue into fake news. And we end with lightening up the mood and discussing the worst Christmas gifts we’ve ever received, and the […]

Snow Mexicans and Canadian Restaurants (We also Talk Elections)

James, Travis and I sat down the other night to discuss the 2016 US election results. The surprises, the not-so shocking developments, and some of our thoughts about the rioting and protesting going on in various cities across the USA in protest against Donald Trump. In the latest episode of The Warriors On the Wall […]

Debating Abortion and all that Jazz | Warriors On The Wall

Warriors on the Wall Abortion Discussion

We finally recorded another episode of the show. It seemed for the last two weeks whenever we were ready to record, one or two more of us was unable to make it, and we would keep postponing the recording of the show until we finally recorded with Travis, James and myself a few nights ago. […]