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Free Kindle Books — 9 Ways To Get Them

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Did you get a Kindle for Christmas?  If so, I hope you like it!  I bought myself one nearly 6 months ago and it has changed my life and reading habits.  In fact, I’m one of those users who prefers it to reading actual paper books anymore because I’m on the go and traveling in […]

My Most Widely-Read Blog Posts In 2011

I’ve been blogging for nearly 8 years now, and over a year ago is when I first registered for actual real estate on the net for blogging purposes.  So this is the first time I’ve ever bothered to go back and look over the site stats and see which posts got the most hits. […]

Free Audio Books — 3 Ways to Get Them

Greetings folks! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’m back in Peru now as of earlier this week, and I’ve been catching up on my podcasts, and reading materials–which primarily takes place on my Kindle these days due to traveling and how hard it is to find books in English where I live. However, […]

Why I Cancelled My eMusic Service–For The Fourth Time

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I want to UNrecommend a website service I once discovered and recommended on my blog called ““. It presented itself as a service where you could sign-up for $9.99/month, with 30 or 50 ‘free song’ downloads. Never mind that the site is mostly independent artists and I’ve never heard of most of them. I joined […]

Staples Unwilling to Honor Warranties

Catchy title, huh? The picture describes what I want to do to my Toshiba now that it is officially a lost cause. This post won’t entirely be about that, but still, it’s the latest in the never-ending Toshiba Satellite nonsense. I mailed it back to Canada for 31 Euros, and in less than a week it arrived. […]