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KDP Free Days vs. KDP Countdown Deals

KDP Free Days vs. KDP Countdown Deals

This post is written specifically for other authors who’ve written Kindle books or are planning on it. I’ve written previously why many authors make their books exclusive to the Amazon platform, specifically for the promotion benefits Amazon gives authors who are enrolled in KDP Select for 90 day intervals. When enrolled in KDP Select, an author […]

Two New Kindle Books On The Way

It’s summer break here, and most of our students are in the jungle as are several or our leaders, so things are a little bit more low key than they are the rest of the year. For that reason I’ve finally been able to sit down and finish my next book (other than the Peruvian […]

My Most Widely-Read Blog Posts In 2013

It’s the last few days of 2013, and of course, like every other blogger on the internet I’m taking a moment to go over posts that were the most impacting on my blog’s followers, or that drove the most amount of traffic to my site. Or got shared the most. This year I continued rocking […]

Most Important Books I Read in 2013

For those of you who have similar taste in books as I do, here’s a short list of the books that stick out in my memory after having read them this year. I read a lot. Like, my “to read list” has over 300 books on it, and in my Kindle I’ve got an “anxious […]

Free Kindle Books — 11 Places to Get Them

Since I like to read a lot, and I read books fast enough that I’ve always felt they aren’t cheap enough for how often I read them, I’ve always been looking for deals or quality free Kindle books I can add to my collection. So, I am excited to have found some good reads for under […]

The In-Between by Jeff Goins | Book Review

I’m a big fan of Jeff Goins and really enjoyed reading his book The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. For full disclaimer I received a review copy and was not obligated to write a positive review. However, that didn’t matter as this book was very good. I merely struggled with giving […]

Writing My E-Books with Scrivener

scrivener screenshot

I recently purchased a program called Scrivener. I’m not going to lie to you, at first I only downloaded it because it seemed to be the “in” thing to use for writing if you’re a writer. So I thought I’d give it a shot since it comes with a 330-day free trial which is determined […]

The Imperishable Seed of Christ — New E-book

originalguy402 2

You may have noticed the frequency with which I’ve been posting to my blog in the last month and a half has gone down dramatically. That’s due to three reasons; my upcoming wedding on May 11th, our ministry school that has just started full time and in which I’m teaching. The third reason is because […]