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Engaging Missions Podcast Interview with Bryan Entzminger

Recently I was approached by Bryan Entzminger about being a guest on his podcast, Engaging Missions. Since I love to podcast, and to a lesser extent, love to do as little as necessary in producing them, it was great to basically get to record this but have someone else take care of the recording and […]

Why Podcasting is Becoming Better than Blogging for Building Trust, Engagement, and Loyalty

by Marcus Sheridan 2 years ago, a huge portion of the emails I received from my audience looked something like this: “Marcus, just found you recently and have been reading all your stuff…” Today, these very same types of emails tend to look like this: “Marcus, just found you recently and have been listening to all of your […]

7 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Start a Podcast | The Niche Parent

by Nadia Jones, founder of The Niche Parent Network. There’s no question that bloggers can make money podcasting, the question is how. Blogging and podcasting is an incredibly smart and effective business model for bloggers of all niches. Here’s a few benefits of podcasting for bloggers. Allows bloggers to connect with their readers in much […]

Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast | Niche Pursuits

I see people starting podcasts all the time.  I’ve also been to a couple of conferences where entire sessions were dedicated to the huge benefits of starting a podcast. And according to many, the market size of those listening to podcasts continues to grow.  And I confess, I even listen to a podcast myself every […]

Find the Time For Your Passion

I shared this post the other night on my Facebook page and it seems to have struck a chord with people in a very good way. If you’re reading this site on your mobile phone, you might have to click the link to see the post as the embed is not showing correctly on mobile […]

Podcast and Audio Book Content are Engaging Mobile Communities – Business 2 Community

There are well over a million (probably closer to two million) smartphones activated every day. Add to that the fact that consumers are addicted to checking their mobile devices for relevant news and information.   Stevie B‘s insight: In my humble opinion, nothing has been a greater aid to the reinvigoration of podcast as the […]

Remember podcasting? It’s back – and booming

A quick video from USA Today on Podcasting. Enjoy! Read the full article on podcasting originally here at USA Today Talking Tech section.

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