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Do You Need a Professional Mic to Get Your Podcast Started?

First let me ask you: would you ask a broke homeless person how much they would spend on a “fancy meal”?   I’m in several podcasters groups, as well as a few for other things like marketing, writing and self-publishing. I see a mindset and a thought pattern emerge all the time, not just in […]

19+ Free Tools to Start Your Podcast From Scratch | buffersocial

“Slack is starting a podcast for some reason.” That was the headline of a recent article. Author Tom Huddleston, Jr. wondered why Slack, “a hot Silicon Valley company with a fast-growing valuation,” would “make the most of its ever-growing momentum” by launching a podcast. But to content marketers, Slack’s move isn’t surprising at all. The podcast world has […]

I Just Messed Up My Highest Profile Podcast Interview

Well, I messed up getting to even have the interview. If you’ve been listening to the podcast lately, you’ll know a couple of things about the Fire On Your Head podcast — especially if you have listened to the latest one with Dave Edwards. For starters, we believe in 2016 we’re going to take the […]

Can You Truly Be Pastored Through Podcasts?

I worry that two weather systems have formed and are coming together in a way that might harm the church. The first weather system is a drought caused by the fatherlessness of our current society. People are looking for fathers and their influence. The second weather system is the heavy rain of pastoral resources available […]

Talking Tech with ChurchMag Podcast

Gone are the days when missionaries left their homeland to only have the chance to communicate to their friends and family via sketchy phone service and snail mail. The Internet allows instant—mobile even—access to just about anyone in the world. It’s a whole new world. Several months ago ChurchMag Staff Writer Chris Wilson had the […]

We’re Only at the Very Beginning of the Podcasting Boom | RYOT News

By Simon Owens We’ve seen a new phrase enter our lexicon in recent months: the “Serial effect.” Google it and you’ll find this neologism employed everywhere from The Hollywood Reporter to USA Today, and it’s used to describe the cambrian explosion caused by Serial, a podcast that relitigates the trial of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend […]

This Is Your Brain on Podcasts: Why Audio Storytelling Is So Addictive | The Atlantic

This Is Your Brain on Podcasts

The emotional appeal of listening I thought I’d follow up yesterday’s post about why I don’t vlog but record audio podcasts instead with this interesting article from The Atlantic that I came across recently. It detailed the effects of audio bok story telling as well as podcasting on the brain and how we listen to […]

Why I Am a Podcaster Instead of a Vlogger

Why I am a Podcaster Instead of a Vlogger

Recently I had a spiritual epiphany one day and I thought “man, I should write a blog about that!” This happens quite often, as my archives can attest to from time to time. More often than not, stuff slips my mind, or I don’t actually find the time to write it out. That actually happens more […]