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Lovesick | Eric Gilmour [Audiobook]

Check out the latest audiobook I was privileged to narrate for Eric Gilmour. This makes my fourth one, and I’m not saying this just to promote it, but it’s hands down my favorite of his so far — and I’ve read all of them but one. I don’t know whether it’s because of the content, […]

The Cost and The Reward

The latest episode of the Fire On Your Head podcast is a quick FB Live I did a few weeks ago but hadn’t had the time to edit into an audio podcast until recently. I share some quick insights regarding paying the price, whatever that may be for us individually, when we have a vision […]

Stolen Wallets and Temples of the Holy Spirit

Sorry for the poor sound quality for this episode. I tried doing my first Facebook Live podcast the other night, and this is the audio from the video. I cleaned it up as best I could but it’s not as crisp and clean sounding as normal. Anyway, I share a funny or confusing testimony about […]

Drop the Stones – with Carlos A. Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez Drop the Stones

This week after a long hiatus from doing interviews, we welcome back on the podcast Carlos Rodriguez. This time it was over Skype as he was back in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’m here in Peru (I still thank God for technology!). You may recall he’s the author of the wildly popular Happy Sonship blog, […]

How to Lead Someone in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

This week our episode centers around a sample chapter from my new audio book for Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues which is finally available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. As I contemplated which chapter of my book to make available as a sample on the Fire On Your Head podcast, I got […]

Enjoying The Gospel | Eric Gilmour

Sorry for the long delay in new episodes. Been busy recording audiobooks which takes a bit of my time, but provides some dinero to stay on the mission field and not be in overdraft, which I have to admit, I really kinda like it. Good news for those of you who like audiobooks, and on […]

How Speaking in Tongues is Like Working Out

You may have noticed I’ve been posting regular content on my blog a lot less often than before. To a lesser extent, the frequency of my podcasts has also lagged a little bit in recent months as well. I haven’t gone anywhere, but I have added a new habit to my lifestyle that in some […]

Did Matthew 24 Already Happen?

This is the second half of the discussion I recorded with Dave Edwards a few months ago. Check out the first part, Wind in Your Hands. This week we discussed Preterism and Futurism, which basically are diametrically opposed worldviews when it comes to end-times theology, and how each one shapes your outlook in obvious ways. […]