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Speaking in Tongues: Is It Evidence of Spirit Baptism? | Podcast with David Edwards

Is Speaking in Tongues the ONLY Evidence of Spirit Baptism?

This week Dave Edwards and myself try to cover the subject of speaking in tongues, but this time from the angle of asking specifically is speaking in tongues the initial evidence of Spirit Baptism?  I say yes, pretty much always, while Dave says almost always, and we take it from there basically and politely sort […]

Keeping Ourselves From Idols | Podcast with David Edwards

This week Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner sit down to talk about something burning in our hearts, but wind up having a spontaneous discussion on idolatry, and what that looks like in our society culture. Do you have anything you’re setting up in your life “beside” or “near” the altar of God that is taking […]

Created To Be Great | Podcast with David Edwards

Join us for the latest episode where Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner continue discussing the supernatural, and God’s greatness. Do you know how great you were destined to be? Once you become a believer, is your heart still ‘deceitfully wicked’ in God’s eyes? Also, we discuss some feedback we’ve received and follow-up on some years’ […]

Developing Supernatural Expectancy | Podcast with David Edwards

This week Dave and Steve banter about all sorts of things today, but mostly we stick to healing, the prophetic, dreams, and the difference between an eternal mindset versus a linear mindset. How clean do you need to be before you’re ready for a bath? Does repentance of sins need to happen first before healing […]

Is Fasting Necessary? | Podcast with David Edwards

Since many people make New Year’s resolutions that involve weight loss or spiritual disciplines to fast more, we thought we’d tackle the subject of fasting. If you have the Stitcher Radio app on your smart phone, click the “listen later” button below and save this show for later. Join us this week as David Edwards […]

What Is Renewed Thinking? | Podcast with David Edwards

What Is Renewed Thinking

What is prophetic, or repentant thinking? Join us in the second part of this discussion, as David Edwards and Steve Bremner continue their series on repentance and Holy Spirit mind renewal.  We share some thoughts on bringing heaven to earth and understanding our place in Christ, and learning where we are seated (in the heavenlies). […]

What Is True Repentance? | Podcast with David Edwards

What Is True Repentance?

This week, join David Edwards and Steve Bremner as we discuss the crucial role of repentance in the normal Christian life. What is it? Is there more to repenting than just feeling sorry for sin? Is there such a thing as pre-meditated repentance? Also, are you personally aware of what are the following verses surrounding […]