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The Passionate Heart of a Loving God | Podcast with Brian Simmons

This week I’m privileged to talk with Brian Simmons, lead translator for The Passion Translation of the Bible. Sometimes a publisher contacts me asking if I’d like to interview authors of theirs who have new books coming out. Other times I just know somebody and ask them if them if they can reach out to […]

Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits | Podcast with Kimberly Daniels

This week we’re privileged to have on the podcast Florida State Representative Kimberly Daniels and pastor of Spoken Word Ministries church in North and South Florida. We discuss her brand new book Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits: How to Deal with Demonic Conspiracies from Charisma House Publishers. –> Scroll down the page for subscription & listening options. […]

Playing With Holy Fire | Interview with Dr. Michael L. Brown

Dr. Michael L. Brown joins me again, this time to talk about his newest book, Playing With Holy Fire: A Wake-Up Call To The Pentecostal-Charismatic Church. It was a privilege and an honor to have him back on the show again. We discuss some of the excesses and abuses that plague the charismatic movement and […]

The Veil | Interview with Blake Healy

This week’s episode we finally talk about seeing in the spiritual realm with Blake Healy, author of The Veil.  I discuss with him some of my favorite highlights from the first time I read his book several years back, as well as his experience re-releasing it with a publisher. Golden Nuggets from This Week’s Show: Everything […]

What is God REALLY Like? | Podcast with S.J. Hill

We misunderstand the difference between the God who is presented in the Old Testament and the seemingly contradictory one we see in the New Testament. Today’s guest tells us that there are aspects of God’s personality we haven’t even begun to tap into! How often do you think of God’s artistry, creativity and … humility. […]

Mind Over Matter? | Podcast

This week’s episode of the show is not one for casual listening. If you don’t have 45 minutes to invest, then I’d skip this one as it will take listening all the way to the end to truly appreciate some of the thoughts and questions I’m asking in today’s show. Ever wonder what causes some people […]

Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple | Praying Medic

Updating a bit on where I’ve been for the last several months and why I’ve not been podcasting. If there’s one keyword you take away from my intro and build up to the sample chapter, it’s the word NORMALISATION. The second half of the episode is from the audiobook Seeing in the Spirit Made Simple, […]

Lovesick | Eric Gilmour [Audiobook]

Check out the latest audiobook I was privileged to narrate for Eric Gilmour. This makes my fourth one, and I’m not saying this just to promote it, but it’s hands down my favorite of his so far — and I’ve read all of them but one. I don’t know whether it’s because of the content, […]