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Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials? | Discipling Culture

Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials-

Original post: Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials? – Discipling Culture This article caught my attention because it wasn’t bashing millennials for a change. Nor was the author crying that the end of evangelicalism is near due to the decline of millennials attending church services. Mike Breen, who I quote from a lot on this […]

Four Ways You Can Be Missional Every Day | FaithStreet

What are we calling people to that requires them to be spiritually fit? That’s the question Jeff Vanderstelt asks in his blog post Four Ways to Be Missional Every Day at At first when I was reading it, I asked myself “did I write this?” because he basically says some of the exact same things I have […]

What is Missional? | Missional Church Network

The term “missional” has gotten so bogged down with baggage from previous movements that it’s hard to know what it means. What does the word missional really mean? Despite the fact that missional language has been in use for several decades, it is being applied today in such a wide variety of ways that it […]

How to Not Suck At Sharing Your Faith With Complete Strangers

How to Suck At Sharing the Gospel With Complete Strangers

Yes, that’s the title I’m giving this post. And if you want to know how not to suck at sharing your faith, just do like nothing I’m about to share with you in the following paragraphs. This past Saturday afternoon I found myself at the Starbucks inside Plaza Lima Sur, a mall near where I […]

The Seven Lies of Living Cross Culturally | The Culture Blend

  I just read this article over at The Culture Blend, People who live cross-culturally, for any significant portion of their lives, are often duped. When we first choose to live as foreigners we are prime for the suckering.  We are wide eyed and overflowing with enthusiasm.  We soak up everything that Lonely Planet, Rosetta Stone and Wikipedia […]

Do You Know What Your Missionaries Are Actually DOING?

Do You Know What Your Missionaries Are Actually DOING?

I recently read an article about a public works official in India who was fired after not coming into work for twenty-four years, Shri A.K. Verma, an executive engineer with India’s Central Public Works Department (CPWD), took an earned leave in December 1990 and never came back to work. Now, after 24 years and one […]

Stop Giving Junk To Jesus

Donating junk for Jesus

A few months ago we were switching my office in our apartment with the guest bedroom to prepare for our intern named Lauren to arrive and have more space for her bedroom. As we were doing so, I put the books on my small bookshelf into a box to make migrating them to the new […]

Missionary Tip #5: Don’t Thank Everybody Equally

The following tip might seem obvious to some, but might cause a light to go off for others. You may have heard or believed that if you have partners who give you five dollars a month, and other partners who support you at $1000/month, to treat them all the same. For as long as I’ve […]