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The Missional Entrepreneur by Mark L. Russell: A Review

Missional Entrepreneur by Mark L. Russell

I have to admit I’m a little late at putting this review on to my blog by like 5 years, but I felt it was important since it provides balance to another book I once wrote a review for on my site, called The God Ask by Steve Shadrach. In that book, the author made […]

Before Asking Me For Money on Facebook or Putting Me in Groups

Sometimes I begin writing a Facebook status that begins taking on a life of its own and I realize I should delete it because people don’t want to read another rant from me. So I copy and paste what I wrote and save it as a draft for my blog instead. Today’s post combines a […]

Things Your Missionary Will Never Tell You

You will not read these things in the support letters you receive from missionary friends or see them in their social media updates. I thought I’d write a bit of a follow-up to my review of Runaway Radical. Aside from sharing my gripes about the book, I mentioned that I was glad it had been […]

Runaway Radical | A Review From a Long-term Missionary

Steve Bremner's Review of Runaway Radical

Last night I finished reading Runaway Radical: A Young Man’s Reckless Journey to Save the World after getting it for $1.99 on Amazon along with other books using a gift card someone gave me for my birthday. I had come across this title before, and put it on my Amazon wishlist to buy later since […]

Doing Your Good Works To Be Seen by Facebook

Be careful not to practice your righteousness on Instagram and Facebook to be seen by them and get many likes.

When You Accidentally Become “Church”

When you accidentally become church

There is a longing for intimacy in our society. Todd said, “Gen Xers and Millenials (sic) have a real desire for community. Longing for it. “If we’re willing to be gatherers there is no shortage of people who would like to be invited into that.” Todd noted, “If you create the space and invite the […]

Will The “Missional Movement” Die In Five Years? 

Will The Missional Movement Die In Five Years?

I came across another article that caught my attention with its catchy title: Why The Missional Movement Will Die In Five Years. I write stuff all the time on my blog with titles like “the problem with” or “why this is wrong” or “that is actually right” and so on. So I know it’s an easy way […]

Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials? | Discipling Culture

Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials-

Original post: Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials? – Discipling Culture This article caught my attention because it wasn’t bashing millennials for a change. Nor was the author crying that the end of evangelicalism is near due to the decline of millennials attending church services. Mike Breen, who I quote from a lot on this […]