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One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship | J.G. Garrett

As I mentioned in last week’s show, this week would be another audiobook sample/preview. I’ve mentioned this book a few times in the past while I was working on it, and now it’s finally available on Audible. There are a few distinctions for me with this title compared to other ones I’ve narrated for other authors […]

Church Building: The Cart Before the Horse?

Church comes as a result of discipling. Discipleship ought to be the backbone and cause of ‘church’, not the other way around. The tail isn’t intended to wag the dog. Likewise, you can’t teach how to be a disciple by imparting information once every week. Discipleship is modeled with imitation. I have to admit I […]

Where Revival Meets Discipleship | Podcast with Larry Sparks

This week I’m privileged to have Larry Sparks on the show. I’ve been following Larry for a little while now and recently took the plunge and invited him to be on the show. Larry Sparks is on a mission that can be captured in three words: Encounter, Activate, and Transform. His driving passion is to […]

Launching Missional Communities Where You Are | Podcast

Launching Missional Communities

This week I am privileged to have on the podcast one of the men who’s heavily influenced my ministry here in Peru. I’m talking about Mike Breen, author and phrase coiner. In the first part of our chat, beginning around the 6:10 mark, I ask Mike where he came up with the idea for Lifeshapes. Many […]

Family on Mission | Podcast Discussion with Mark Burgess

This week I am privileged to have Mark Burgess back on the podcast for the first time in almost three years exactly to the month. I actually recorded it a number of weeks ago but have been super busy: lots of ministry and teaching in our ministry school, I had a two-week deadline to get my […]

What is the Context of Biblical Discipleship? | Discipling Culture

What is the Context for Discipleship?

Oikos is the context of a biblical lifestyle As we eat meals in neighborhood restaurants, observe cottage industries, and get to know local residents we see the same is still true in the Holy Land today. Our closest friends here in Jerusalem are a Christian family who trace their ancestry back many centuries in this […]

A Proposed Solution To Keep People From “Leaving the Church”?

My post from last week about how you can’t find the professional worship leader in the New Testament has been burning up on social media, at least at the time of writing this. I could replace “worship leader” with professionally paid pastor/expositor, and feel the result would be almost identical. Almost without fail each time I post […]

When Is It Time To Multiply A Missional Community?

When Is It Time To Multiply A Missional Community

It’s been nearly a year since we launched our missional community here in Los Cedros, although it feels like it was just a few months ago. When we began, we had no “members”. It was just me, my wife Lili, and two of our ministry school students. We started by meeting on Monday nights together to […]