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Charlottesville, Race, and the Culture WarsThis post is a 2 min read

Charlottesville, Race, & the Culture Wars

On This Episode of Warriors on the Wall, we’re joined by Shawn Landis, who is inadvertently filling in for Travis Brown who couldn’t make it for this recording for whatever reason on a Saturday night.

I’ve known Shawn since Bible school days, and even had him on my Fire On Your Head podcast several years ago, ironically enough, to talk about the church and politics on that occasion. He commented on some social media status of mine, and a lightbulb went off to get him and James in touch and they hit it off and next thing I knew, we’re talking the three of us on a recent Saturday night.

We tried keeping it to less than an hour, and here’s what we tried to cover, or at least came up:

  • Charlottesville (did you think we wouldn’t?)
  • Race, of course, as a natural extension
  • Culture wars
  • And how most Peruvians don’t really care or pay attention to these things going on in America unless some major huge thing happens in the news like Donald Trump exists.

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Enjoy this week’s episode!

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Enjoy, and Blessings and fire on your heads!

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