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Free Speech Riots & Trump’s Refugee Ban | Warriors on the WallThis post is a 2 min read

This week on the Warriors on the Wall Podcast we were privileged to have James-Michael Smith on the show to talk about the Trump Administration’s Refugee/Muslim ban, and free speech and the rioting that seems to be becoming endemic these days on college campuses whenever guests are brought in to speak and students don’t like that guest.

Long-time followers of my blog and podcast may remember James-Michael Smith was once a guest on my podcast a few years ago (Why You WANT To Be Left Behind), and it was one of the few occasions where I infamously didn’t have my mic properly turned on. But I learned almost nobody cared. It’s the content people listen for. So be it! Either way, I’m glad I sounded better in this discussion.

This podcast is a lot different from Fire On Your Head at least in terms of topics and format that my podcast usually stays away from.

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Check out the latest episode of Warriors on the Wall here:

About Our Guest

JM Smith is an Artist / Author / Speaker / Martial Artist / All around Bible Geek

Why the name “Disciple Dojo”?? Anyone who knows him knows that one of his lifelong passions has been studying the martial arts. And the place where martial arts are learned is a Dojo. Discipleship is similar to martial arts training (if you don’t believe me, just ask Paul – he says so himself in his letter to Christians in Corinth [1Cor. 9:26-27]!). We have a Sensei (teacher): Jesus. We have a katana (sword): Scripture.

jmsTherefore, you can think of Disciple Dojo as a virtual Dojo–where students of the Master can sharpen, challenge and encourage one another as we continue becoming more and more like the One whom we serve…minus the Tiger Balm.

James-Michael Smith’s ministry, Disciple Dojo is an inter-denominational discipleship ministry whose purpose is to enrich the soul, equip the Body, engage the culture and encourage everyone to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord, particularly in the area of understanding and applying the teachings of Scripture.

This is accomplished through free online audio/video resources, DVD/CD curriculum, blogs/articles, live speaking/teaching engagements, and the arts (both visual and martial!).

Visit the dojo at


Before you go…

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Thank you so much, and I look forward to talking to you in the next episode of whatever podcast I find myself on first.

Enjoy, and Blessings and fire on your heads!

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