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Apparently Peruvians do NOT like the water utility company here. I went to go review them only to find I already gave them my 1 star less than a month ago. I guess I forgot but THAT’s how often we go without water in Los Cedros.




Remind me again why I became a missionary to this place of the world?

Oh that’s right, obedience to the calling. It certainly wasn’t for the stellar developed world conditions and being able to live some kind of high lifestyle like rich and famous people.

I’ve been in this neighborhood, Los Cedros de Villa, for over 5 years now, and I still don’t know how to adjust to this stuff. If it’s not the water, it’s the electricity. I sometimes tell Lili, “to heck with it, let’s just move back to Canada, at least the stuff will work and it’s RARE when the power gets cut off, and not something you have to regularly expect.

Then it comes back on and I say “I was just venting out loud.” Until the next time.

Anyway, as I write this (Friday) the water slowly trickled back on by yesterday afternoon and I was barely able to have a hot warm warmish shower with what could be considered enough water pressure to rinse the soap off adequately.

Then on the way to the gym I saw this and thought “this can’t be a good thing”:

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Then when I got back from the gym a little while later — already irked because the spinning class I went to was cancelled for the third time in the last two weeks, the only nights I had gone, apparently — and I was all sweaty and smelly, just to find the water’s back off again.

I realize there’s like a billion people on the planet who have it way worse than I do and many of them live without water all the time, not just for days at a time. As of today, it’s day four without anything other than a big bucket of water we’re drawing from for our cooking and cleaning needs. But I realize this is normal for some people and I’m trying to be careful how much I’m complaining publicly by people who can look at me and think #secondworldproblems.

In the last few days alone I’ve been asked for money for all sorts of horrible circumstances in other developing nations and I am made grateful because things could be worse but they aren’t. I even know missionaries who live in cold climates in places like Easter Europe and they don’t have running water, either, but have to fill buckets with water they boil and use that for personal hygiene.

I salute you guys!

I know if they make a Foxe’s Book of Martyrs Vol. 2, I won’t make the final draft because “had to go a few days without showering” is not really not that big of a cross to have carried, I imagine.

But gosh I really struggle with this right now because it’s not like our water bill goes DOWN or gets discounted when we have to go without it for long periods at a time, but Sedapal is notorious for adding to every resident’s bill a tiny portion of the cost for repairing whatever damage they fixed. So for all intents and purposes, if the water goes out, we have to collectively pay for it to be fixed.


Mission field rant over.

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