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Revival and Discipleship

This week I’m privileged to have Larry Sparks on the show. I’ve been following Larry for a little while now and recently took the plunge and invited him to be on the show.

Larry Sparks is on a mission that can be captured in three words: Encounter, Activate, and Transform. His driving passion is to see people encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit, activate God’s power in their everyday lives through supernatural discipleship, and transform their worlds by representing Jesus Christ and advancing His Kingdom.

Larry SparksAs an author, speaker, and revivalist, Larry is committed to harnessing the power of media to equip the body of Christ for supernatural living. His ministry, Equip Culture, exists to provide tools and resources that empower Christians to discover their inheritance in Christ and live a life where anything is possible.

Supernatural discipleship is one of Larry’s main areas of emphasis. He presently serves as Director of Curriculum Resources for Destiny Image Publishers where he creates media-based resources that equip believers to sustain supernatural lifestyles characterized by the pursuit of God’s presence and demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, signs, wonders, and miracles.

Having ministered in university, church, and conference settings, Larry delivers a message of supernatural empowerment and spiritual passion. A repeat guest on CBN’s Spiritual Gifts Webcast and host of the weekly Voice of Destiny radio broadcast, he is also a blogger, columnist and a regular contributor to Charisma Magazine and Charisma News.

So you can see why he’s a great fit for Fire On Your Head.

Around the 14:50 mark we start discussing the balance and tension between being carriers of the Holy Spirit’s revival presence, but yet still needing to contend to manifest it. On the one hand it’s true that all has been done on the cross and we don’t “earn” anything from God. But at this point I ran my analogy by Larry that just like Israel in the wilderness receiving manna on a daily basis, they still had to go collect it. If you slept in you missed that day’s manna, but you still didn’t work to create the crop or sow manna seed and cause it to harvest. God did His part, we do ours.

23:00 — at this point Larry gets going on what he sees a lot of sections of the charismatic church. He shares with us his encounter with God that changed everything for him and how he’s been drinking from that well ever since and seeks to set other people ablaze for revival in their every day lives.

For the first 300 years of the Church, power was normative. Larry shares with us his thoughts on what we need to do in order to get back to this level of normal. We both share how today, even in charismatic circles, there are people who rely on the show and theatrics and technology in order to revive the church, but not necessarily with the power of the Holy Spirit.



As I reflect on the conversation and listened to it again while editing it, I was pleasantly surprised how flawlessly we segued into talking about the marriage of revival and discipleship. Regular listeners are going to enjoy today’s show, no doubt about it.

We all need upper room experiences, but the goal is not to stay in the upper room and never go into the streets below with the power of God to a dying world around us.

Watch the entire interview below


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