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Family on Mission

This week I am privileged to have Mark Burgess back on the podcast for the first time in almost three years exactly to the month. I actually recorded it a number of weeks ago but have been super busy: lots of ministry and teaching in our ministry school, I had a two-week deadline to get my manuscript for 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues ready to keep on schedule for its relaunch, along with other freelance work dog piling on top of me in the same time frame.

Regular readers of the blog and listeners of the podcast may have noticed I’ve not put out any new content in a number of weeks. Well, now you know why! But I plan on taking some time out of this week and next to get back into the groove of things.

Anyway, with the latest episode of Fire On Your Head, we discuss family on mission and give some descriptions of experiences, good and bad, that we’ve had creating a discipleship culture here in Chorrillos, Peru. It’s not a matter of prioritizing family or the mission, but combining them and being a family, whether biological or extended, who are on a mission together. We believe this is the bedrock for seeing disciples made, and a movement expand as we’re finally starting to see down here in our sphere of influence.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why your pastor can’t disciple you
  • Why discipleship is HARD work and the reason many would rather not bother with it, and instead resort to collecting people to be passive and sit in the pew week after week
  • The danger of allowing words like “organic”, “missional”, and “discipleship” to be buzzwords without any practical life application
  • Why we need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk of the Kingdom of God and the making of disciples
  • Practical ways we can do family on mission in our own contexts and cultures

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Thank you so much, and I look forward to talking to you in the next episode of Fire On Your Head.

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