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How to Build Your Audible Library on the Cheap

Want in on a little secret?

I don’t actually read all the free books I download. The hundreds of them.

“Well Steve, neither do I.”

Right, but I have a point in WHY I download a lot of them anyway even though I know it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever read them.

Because I might LISTEN to some of them on, instead of reading them.

I’ve been hoarding Kindle books and seldom getting around to all of them because I’ve only got the same 24 hours in a day as everybody else does.

So, the solution has been to listen to audiobooks while doing other things.

The cheapest membership at — which at the time of this update is still pretty much unrivaled in terms of selection and members — costs $14.99/month. With a membership, every title is discounted by 30% for members. Plus, they throw in a monthly credit which can get you one FREE book each month on top of the discount.

Also, in late 2018, a membership has started to include a selection of 2 Audible Originals, which consist of 6 selected titles that are exclusively produced for Audible, and members are allowed to download 2 of them. The selection changes each month.

When you sign up through your Amazon account and try Audible for 30 days you get two free audiobooks.

So that’s already a sweet deal, and I took advantage of an Audible membership for like 2 years. When I went to cancel it they said “no, don’t leave, here we’ll give you three months membership at $7.99 instead of $14.99” so I stayed.

Finally one day I noticed something after I had cancelled my membership for a little while.

This Whispersync trick that you don’t need a membership for…

When you’re on a book’s page on Amazon, especially the Kindle version, look for this image above the price:

On titles that are on Whispersync for voice, there will be a notification if that title is one of the ones in this program, letting you know the money you could save. 

One day recently while in Audible, I saw a notification that a book on my Wishlist was actually on sale for only $3.99 because I already had the Kindle version, which, after double checking, was a book I had gotten for free one day!

As you may have already noticed, audiobooks are often times a lot more expensive than the Kindle versions, and closer in price to the paperbacks. So this can actually save you a lot!

If you buy the Kindle version on Amazon, the audio version on Whispersync is HEAVILY discounted, like down to $2.99 or $3.99 (oftentimes they retail for as high as $19.99 or $24.99 depending on the book.

Aug 2017 Edit: It’s been pointed out to me, and I’ve observed for myself that many Whispersync books are now priced at $7.49 if you already own the Kindle version. A few dollars more than when I originally wrote this article, but still a steep discount from buying them for $19.99 IF you already own the Kindle version.

So, if I see a book shared on Facebook that’s free that day, I now check to see if there’s an audio version of that book as well. If I think “I’d love to listen to that” when I see the Kindle version free, I go and download it and buy the audio version for only a few bucks.

Check out this example. These screen shots are from Frank Viola’s book on Amazon, Reimagining Church (which I highly recommend and that was originally why I looked for the audio book).

This first image is all the normal prices for each version of the book when I’m not signed in to Amazon. Notice it notifies you the audiobook could be free if you join Audible.

Then notice this second photo, where I’m now signed in. For some of you depending on where you’re located, the US store sometimes shows an even lower price for books when they’re not on sale. But notice how the Audible Audio Edition is now $2.99.

So let’s do the math with these figures. Say the Kindle book for an author you like is the usual $9.99, and the Audible version is $19.99 — oh heck, let’s go all the way to $24.99 to demonstrate the kind of money this can save you. Then one day you get the book while it’s free or on heavy discount, and because Amazon and Audible don’t discriminate over whether you bought the book or downloaded it free, you’ve got it in your library. If it’s one of these Whispersync books, you could purchase the “extra narration” for only $2.99.

Together, they’d be $34.98.

That’s over $30 in savings.

Scan Your Library For Eligible Books

So how do you figure out which books are on Audible that you already own the Kindle versions for?

Check out this link and when you sign in, Amazon will scan your account and let you know which Kindle books have “audio upgrades”

Recently I got 6 audio books for less than $25 because I already had all those titles in my Kindle library.

If you don’t have a membership with Audible, I highly recommend it. Not just because if you sign up through my link I’ll get a commission either, but because like I said earlier, I have the smartphone app on my Android and listen to a ton of books nowadays.

You can sign up using your existing Amazon account. Not only do you get a lot of discounts like I mentioned but your first month you can get a free audio book of your choice, and you can cancel after 30 days.

You’re welcome!

Don’t Forget to Sign Up For Audible’s Daily Deals

If you sign up, you will get an email every day notifying you of audio books that are on sale for that day only. I’ve rarely seen one for more than $4.99.

Directly from Audible’s site;

The Daily Deal is a special sale for all customers where one Audiobook’s price will be drastically reduced for one day only. The Daily Deal changes from day to day so there’s a new book to purchase every day!

Visit to see today’s Daily Deal. To subscribe to our Daily Deal email list, please follow these steps:

Note:These steps can only be completed on the Audible desktop site.

    1. Go to your Account Details page on the Audible desktop site.
    1. Click Manage Daily Deal Email Subscription under Preferences.
  1. Click Subscribe.


Your first Daily Deal email will arrive 48 hours after subscribing. Want to stop Daily Deal emails? You can unsubscribe at any time from the Manage Daily Deal Email Subscription page in your Account Details.

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How to Build Your Audible Library on the Cheap

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