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What Others Are Saying

I haven't started my book, and to be honest it's something that has been in me to do for some time but have felt chicken to step out. Your manual makes me feel like I can conquer this! —Mary Linn Street Navarro, Missionary to Tanzania
I read it and employed some of its practices. As someone who just 8.5 months ago was homeless, very sick, and still struggling, I have built a website with zero knowledge because of Steve's encouragement. I even put up my first three blog posts. It's been over thirty days . But I did it! Print out Steve; manual and go for it. I'm rereading it again. It reminds me I have a brother in Yeshua who cares that I win. And that my friend motivates me. Thank you Steve for what you do!! —Stacia Anissa Martin, Writer at TheCoffeehouseCounselor.com
I wish that I had something like it years ago to get me started. —J.D. King, Author of Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church
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