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Church Building: The Cart Before the Horse?

Church comes as a result of discipling. Discipleship ought to be the backbone and cause of ‘church’, not the other way around. The tail isn’t intended to wag the dog. Likewise, you can’t teach how to be a disciple by imparting information once every week. Discipleship is modeled with imitation. I have to admit I […]

If You Build It They Will Come?

On Sunday mornings at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, prayers that are quietly murmured in most churches seem to almost rumble like thunder. Thousands of congregants crowd the huge suburban auditorium for weekly services, which feature huge video monitors, an orchestra and a full choir. With 20,000 members, it’s the largest Methodist church […]

The Nones and Dones – Stephanos Ministries

The following article is Dr. Stephen Crosby’s latest. We’ve had him on the podcast numerous times talking about these very issues and I think you’ll enjoy this relevant post. _______________________________________________________________ According to sociologist, Josh Packard, in his scrupulously researched book, Church Refugees, there are currently 65,000,000 believers in the USA who are “done” with church, but not […]

Done with Church: Now What? | Podcast

This week on the podcast I have a very interesting conversation with Dan Dailey. As usually happens in internet land, I came across a blog post He wrote, wrote a response to it, he found it, and we became social media friends. To bring yourself up to speed, he wrote a blog post called Regarding […]

Thoughts on Why We Crave Religious Institutions & Systems

Thoughts on Why We Crave Religious Systems

The other day I read a post by Rob Wilkerson, who is fast becoming a blogger-friend of mine in the realm of the subject of “the dones” and “organic church” or whatever term you want to use. He posted an article he titled Why We Crave Religious Systems … And Why I’m Not Leading Churches […]

A Proposed Solution To Keep People From “Leaving the Church”?

My post from last week about how you can’t find the professional worship leader in the New Testament has been burning up on social media, at least at the time of writing this. I could replace “worship leader” with professionally paid pastor/expositor, and feel the result would be almost identical. Almost without fail each time I post […]

Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials? | Discipling Culture

Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials-

Original post: Is God Preparing a Spiritual Awakening among the Millennials? – Discipling Culture This article caught my attention because it wasn’t bashing millennials for a change. Nor was the author crying that the end of evangelicalism is near due to the decline of millennials attending church services. Mike Breen, who I quote from a lot on this […]

Done with Church, But Not with God | Holy Soup

Church Refugees: Done with Church Not with God

Today’s blog post is inspired by Done with Church, but Not with God | Holy Soup. Last week I posted a half-written-by-me/half curated post about the buzz surrounding the done with church movement — if it can be called a “movement”.  I had a hunch it might get a few more hits than my normal posts. […]