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What Makes a Church a Family? | Escape to Reality

I’ve been following Paul Ellis for a number of years now, and usually enjoy his writings. But today’s post,  What Makes a Church a Family? is just fantabulous, and touches on one of my blog’s themes about the church being a family and not an institution. He approaches the topic through the paradigm of, what […]

Why Are Some Grace Advocates Total Jerks?

This is something that has been bugging me for a little while. I remember posting something on Facebook from a ministry that is pretty well-known in some circles and with  a decent-sized social media platform. A friend private messaged me rather alarmed that I had re-shared this ministry’s post, or frankly that I had anything to do with […]

My Most Widely-Read Blog Posts In 2014

We have reached the last days of 2014, and of course, like every other blogger on the internet I’m taking a moment to go over posts that were the most impacting on my blog’s followers, or that drove the most amount of traffic to my site. Or got shared the most. One of the things I […]

No, God’s NOT Going to Change His Mind In The End

I started to write the following blog post over the past weekend before I saw an article show up in my news feed that basically gave me pause for thought. Or at least pause for concern, to say the least. It was for an article on the Huffington Post called You Know God’s Going to […]

Law vs Grace: Do We Need a Balance? | Podcast with Dr Stephen Crosby

This week we have Dr. Stephen Crosby joining us again as we discuss the hot button topic of grace. Is there a balance that people on both sides of this debate can agree on? Is a balance necessary? We discuss fruit vs. roots when it comes to personal holiness and whether grace preachers and their […]

You Say Hyper-Grace Like It’s A Bad Thing

Last night I was listening to an episode of the Fire On Your Head podcast I recorded nearly two years ago with Gregg Montella. I had just created a stand-alone app for the podcast and downloaded it from the Amazon Android App store in order to test it and see how it works, which, other […]

What’s So Hyper About Grace? | Podcast with D.R. Silva

What's So Hyper About Grace? Podcast

This week I was privileged to have on the podcast Dan Silva, a fellow blogger and author of the fairly new book, It’s All About Jesus: What They Never Told You in Church. I enjoyed talking to Dan. I’ve been following his site for a few years, along with his Facebook page and have enjoyed […]

Grace & Love vs. Repentance & Holiness: Is There No Middle Ground?

heavy load

It truly amazes me how many Christians can’t or don’t grasp that the grace & love of God message and the repentance/holiness message are not contradictory. They are in fact, opposite sides of the same coin. Both tracks give the train something to travel down, for with only one rail you wouldn’t be able to […]