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Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues

Have you ever been told that speaking in tongues is “not for today?’

Maybe you’ve heard people speak in tongues… and it seemed weird. You thought to yourself, “This is too strange to be God!”

Or, maybe you believe that people can still speak in tongues today… but it’s not for everybody.

Whether you’re skeptical or intrigued, whether you speak in tongues or don’t, this book is for you!

In Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues, Steve Bremner biblically confronts myths about speaking in tongues head-on and answers some of the most common questions about this controversial spiritual gift.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Do I get baptized in the Holy Spirit at salvation…or is that another experience?
  • Is tongues only for Charismatics and Pentecostals?
  • Am I able to speak in tongues without an interpreter?
  • Can I speak in tongues whenever I want?

Discover for yourself what it means to speak in tongues and step into a whole new level of personal encounter with the Holy Spirit!

Kindle version: $9.99 on Amazon.
Paperback version on Amazon: $11.99

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Fan The Flame: Developing a Passion For God

Fan the Flame

When we talk about the fire of God, are we fully aware of what we’re talking about? When we cry out for God to send revival, are we truly sure we’d want it if He did? Are we ready?

In this work Steve Bremner challenges the reader to not only live a holy life, but to draw close to God through intimacy. God wants to purge us, not just give us Holy Ghost goose bumps.

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Why The Rapture is a Myth

raptureDo you realize the word ‘rapture’ doesn’t even occur a single time in the Bible? Yet that doesn’t stop entire ministries from building an entire teaching and book series on it. Fortunately, many millennials are waking up to this false doctrine that’s lulling the Church to sleep instead of preparing her for the tribulation to come.

Saturated with Scripture, this eBook focuses on four key proof texts commonly used incorrectly to teach there’s a rapture immediately before 7 years of tribulation.

We also ask: 
Are you truly living in the last days?
Are we really in the “Laodicean church age”?
Does the Old Testament really mention or foreshadow the Rapture?

Kindle version for $2.99

The Imperishable Seed of Christ: Understanding The Believer’s Spiritual DNA

The Imperishable Seed of Christ“Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart, since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God.” 1 Peter 1:22-23

What is this imperishable seed with which we’ve been born again? All flesh is like grass and the things of this world will fade away. In this short but rich book Steve Bremner challenges you to live a life that is “imperishable” and will survive the transition into the age to come while the things of this world will pass away.

This book is also an exploration of the parable of the sower and the principles of reproduction in the Kingdom of God, focusing primarily on Christ’s imagery and language about the seed in the parable of the sower, as well as Paul’s construction metaphors in his first letter to the Corinthians.

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6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing

6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing

Have you ever believed God had made you sick to teach you a lesson? Do you believe God wants some to be sick but others to be well for a divine purpose known only to Himself? Have you struggled with a healing in your body or spirit but it seemed as though God just doesn’t want to answer your prayers for healing? Do you believe you’ve got a thorn in the flesh God is using to refine your character?

These are lies, and Steve Bremner Scripturally and carefully answers these objections to healing along with other misconceptions that many Christians believe when it comes to divine healing. This quick read will help you destroy the traditions of man and lies of religion that nullify the power of God in your life! What we believe about God and how He works can have a dramatic impact on how we approach Him and what we expect of Him. Many Christians believe lies about The Father that keep them bound and prevent healing in their bodies and in their lives. In his conversational style, Steve helps you learn what some of the top lies are that hold Christians and unbelievers back when it comes to divine healing. You too can receive healing and heal the sick.

Quit believing lies today. God is not just “able” to heal, He is willing!

Kindle version: $4.99
Paperback version: $7.99

6 Mentiras Que Las Personas Creen Sobre La Sanidad Divina

6mentiras¿Alguna vez ha creído que Dios le dio una enfermedad para darte una lección?  ¿Cree usted que Dios quiere que algunos estén enfermos y otros estén bien para un propósito divino que solo el mismo sabe?  ¿Ha luchado con una sanidad en su cuerpo o espíritu pero parece que Dios simplemente no quiere responder a sus oraciones de sanidad? ¿Cree usted que tiene un aguijón en la carne que Dios esta usando para refinar su carácter?

Estas son mentiras, y Steve Bremner responde Bíblica y cuidadosamente a estas objeciones de la sanidad junto a otros conceptos erróneos que muchos Cristianos creen cuando se trata de la sanidad divina.

¡Este libro le ayudara a destruir las tradiciones del hombre y las mentiras de la religión que anulan el poder de Dios en su vida!

Lo que creemos acerca de Dios y cómo Él trabaja puede tener un impacto dramático en cómo nos acercamos a Él y lo que esperamos de Él. Muchos cristianos creen mentiras sobre El Padre que los mantiene atados y previene la sanidad en sus cuerpos y en sus vidas.

En este libro fácil de leer usted aprenderá algunas de las principales mentiras que retienen a Cristianos y no creyentes, cuando se trata de la sanidad divina. Usted también puede recibir sanidad y sanar a los enfermos.

Deje de creer mentiras hoy. Dios no solo es “capaz” de sanar, ¡El esta dispuesto!

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Increase Your Faith: Practical Steps to Help You Believe For The Impossible

Increase Your FaithHave you ever wondered what Jesus was talking about when he told us we could cast mountains into the sea? Have you ever wondered the point of having faith like a mustard seed?

Hebrews 11:6 says that without faith it is impossible to please God, but yet so many of us have little idea what this means exactly. Jesus said if we had faith as a mustard seed, we could speak to our mountainous problems and cast them into the sea.

Loaded with Scripture, this quick read contains practical tips that you can immediately apply to your personal life, and start casting your mountains into the sea!

Increase Your Faith was written to provide you with spiritual guidance and usable insights to help you see the impossible come about in your life.

Kindle version: $4.99
Paperback version: $6.99

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