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The Called Out Ones_Rethinking theUnthinkable

Finally, an interview for the first time in like what, 5 months? Today’s guest goes by the name of Chad Kidd. Chad and I have a mutual friend through Stephen Crosby, and we’re both a part of a group on Facebook about ‘the dones’ which has been a theme lately on the show and will be for a little while longer.

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There’s the dones, and then there’s the “called out ones.”

I posted a message in the group looking to have a group Skype call or Google chat hangout, and Chad was the only one available so we converted the conversation into a podcast discussion which I think you’re going to enjoy. We also briefly discuss his book, Rethinking the Unthinkable: In the Light of Love which he co-wrote with his wife Ondrea documenting their reflections on exiting the institutional church and how God has been leading them ever since over the years that followed.


Topics we discussed:

When we discuss being done, what is it we’re done with? Done with institutional and relationship-less Christianity, and not done with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We discuss a blog post “A Response to Christians Who Are Done with Church” by Carey Nieuwhof

We would never do ‘family’ the way we do church. We discuss a threshold most, if not all dones and “called out ones” reach which tips them past the line of how much they can take before they need to leave the Institutional Church in order to satisfy that longing.

Join us today as we bounce ideas off of each other regarding being a called out one.

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