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The Manifest Presence of God is Birthed in Intimacy

This week we finally release an interview I’ve been sitting on for a couple of months with Brian Guerin, itinerant minister with Bridal Glory International, and author of the new book God of Wonders: Experiencing God’s Voice Through Signs, Wonders, and Miracles.

This episode flows nicely with what we’ve been talking about concerning the collective Bride of Christ and we get back to “the upper room” again.

We started off today with learning a little bit about Brian and his testimony, and specifically his experiences cultivating an intimacy with God and experiencing signs and wonders on a regular basis and we discuss God’s supernatural provision.

Make sure you stick around for the prophetic word Brian has for his nation toward the end of the show.


About Our Guest

Brian GuerinBrian Guerin, Founding Director of Bridal Glory International, is a friend of God. As a prophetic mouthpiece and itinerate speaker, he is sent out all over the world to ignite lovesick passion and abandonment for Him alone. He carries the kingdom of heaven, as his ministry is marked by unusual signs and wonders, powerful miracles and healing, and the very fingerprints of God.

His passion is the presence. He recklessly pursues the very face of God with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength. He wants to go where no man has ever gone in God and carry a generation with him home to heaven, as His Bride equally yoked in love. Brian ministers from the depth of that intimacy with the Love of his life, releasing an overflow of revelation, impartation, and an undeniable demonstration of the Spirit’s power.

His greatest desire in life is to love Jesus like no man has ever loved Him before, to intimately know and be known by the King of Glory, being transformed into His likeness, while watching this pattern repeat itself in others.

Get Brian’s book, God of Wonders: Experiencing God’s Voice Through Signs, Wonders, and Miracles on Amazon.

Check out this clip from an interview with Brian that Eric Gilmour did

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