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Is It Necessary For Christians to Attend Church Meetings? | PodcastThis post is a 2 min read

Is it necessary for Christians to attend church meetings- (1)I originally recorded this podcast episode in early January. I knew when recording it I was going to hold on to it since the content of the discussion was ever-green. I knew I was going to be having some new guests on the podcast (primarily Praying Medic and Dan Silva) and wanted to save this discussion with Dr Crosby until after I had recorded and published those ones, then publish this one possibly during the inevitable hiatus that having my first child is going to cause this show to go on for an undetermined number of months.

Then shortly afterward I was invited to be on a radio show about the pros and cons of house churches. After that discussion I decided to edit this episode and make a point of publishing it. That was until today I started seeing all over the Twitterverse and blogosphere people discussing or reacting to Donald Miller no longer regularly attending church.

At first I thought, who cares? I technically don’t attend church and it’s not based on any of the reasons his detractors insist are his motives for no longer attending. Then I realized now is as good of a time as any to put this mp3 out there into the discussion.

Looks like we have another sacred cow to barbecue.

This week Dr. Stephen Crosby and I discuss loving our neighbours on a practical level. We’ve touched on this in past discussions, but spend a whole hour talking about a few benefits and challenges to meeting in house churches as opposed to ‘institutional’ churches.

We discuss what the house church movement gets wrong and what they get right. And in light of the current brouhaha over Donald Miller, it’s worth mentioning that we talked about what “meeting together” truly looked like in first century Israel for believers in Christ.

We also get talking about why some people who are not in cultures where their faith is persecuted would resort to house churches instead of meeting in “large buildings”, and talk about the all-important role that love has in our impact we can have on our neighbours and culture around us.


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5 Things The House Church Movement is Getting Right

5 Things The House Church Movement is Getting Wrong (both by Steve Bremner)

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