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Why Don’t Some People Get Healed? | Podcast with Praying MedicThis post is a 1 min read

Why Don't Some People Get Healed?

This week we interview Praying Medic, the author of Divine Healing Made Simple for our first of two episodes.

We start off chatting about blogging, and discuss how we met online which led to our guest discussing what inspired him to write his book and how long the process took him.

Then we get to the crux of today’s episode: why are some people not healed, and why do others who are genuinely healed sometimes lose their healing later? I think you will really appreciate Praying Medic’s approach to this delicate subject.

Also we discuss the importance of testifying of what God has done in our lives.

Check out Praying Medic’s site here at

Get his book on Amazon here.

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