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How To Experience God's Presence- Interview with Eric Gilmour

There is no Christianity without experiencing God. Yet so many people admit that they have a difficult time experiencing God’s presence or hearing God’s voice. Why is this and how can we fix that in our own lives?

This week we have Eric William Gilmour on the podcast and he passionately shares about cultivating a union with Christ and walking in intimacy with Him.

Eric GilmourEric is a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Thousands have been touched by his audio compilations and writings around the world thanks to Fire On The Altar site that used to house them. He seeks to stir the church to fall back in love with Jesus through provocative preaching, writing and audio video materials. He currently ministers full time with the ministry he founded called Sonship International.

Themes and topics that come up in today’s discussion:

1:55 a little bit about Eric’s ministry

7:10 Eric discusses Burn: Melting Into the Image of Jesus, and Union: The Thirsting Soul Satisfied in God in which Eric tells us is an expansion of one of the concepts from Burn “You can’t take relationship out of your relationship with God anymore than you can reduce a marriage to carrying a photo of your wife.”

12:10 – There’s no pre-nuptial agreement in Christ, both the Bride and Groom share the same assets, no matter who brought the most in to the union. We are made what we are in Christ because of everything Jesus made us. Likewise, there is no Christianity without experiencing God, as Eric relates that the Bible is not meant to merely be a recipe book, but a source of food.

19:25 – We need to hear God’s voice and not just read His book. No relationship works without communication; how can ministers of the Gospel affect other people’s lives if they don’t even believe you can hear God’s voice and hear from Him personally?

21:21 – Eric discusses the importance of experiential walking in the Spirit.

31:00 – Eric discusses mystics throughout Church history who had a direct contact with God that overflowed out of their lives and changed the world. “Inflow, overflow, outflow.”

41:10 – “I need a living experience of Jesus — how do I do that? What do I practically need to do?” Eric answers this question.

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