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Heartstone: God With Us In Our Suffering | Podcast with Tim YoungThis post is a 1 min read

As some of you know I’ve been quite busy, with having gotten married last month and all the wedding prep leading up to it and not to mention teaching in our ministry school on weekday mornings with Shaun Wissmann, I’ve not quite had as much time as in the past to record podcasts, but I finally recorded a podcast with a fellow author. I have planned on this for a while but never gotten around to it until this week.

Here it is! I interviewed Tim Young, author of the book Heartstone: A Journey Out of the Midnight of My Soul. Tim shares the concept behind the title of his book and transparently shares his own struggles he went through that led to the writing of it.

I can’t recommend this book enough, hence, having Tim on the podcast.

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Hope you are really encouraged by today’s show and take advantage of these resources.

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