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The New Jezebel — “You’re Just Wounded!” | Podcast with SJ Hill & Dr. CrosbyThis post is a 2 min read

The New Jezebel

This week I had another sacred cow barbecue with Stephen Crosby, S.J. HillThis time we covered ‘the new Jezebel‘–which is nothing more than a newly packaged old lie, which basically discourages anybody from asking questions or challenging things that are said or done — specifically in church.

It’s a subtle form of manipulation that some leaders use in order to insulate themselves from being challenged. But make no mistake, it’s a form of manipulation, plain and simple.

It all started when Dr. Crosby posted a link on his blog site called The New Jezebel – “You’re Just Wounded”. It resonated with me, I shared a link to it on my Facebook page and several people re-shared it. Here’s a quote that struck me the most:

This is a kinder-gentler version of the Jezebel accusation. It is an attempt to dismiss the CONTENT of an objection or criticism from someone deemed  as inferior, or not as spiritually enlightened, by pointing out (accurately or not) the soul-damage of the individual bringing the criticism, or the improper WAY in which the criticism is brought. This is an attempt to come across as “caring” for the individual bringing up the issue, yet still maintain absolute control.  It is a form of condescending paternalism. It is implied that there can be no merit to the objection or criticism, because after all, “Aw, shucks, dearie, you are so wounded . . .”

The New Jezebel: Most Popular Article On Dr. Crosby’s site

Later that day Dr. Crosby commented on my link that he had never had so many hits on an article he’s posted before. As some of you know, this marks the third podcast I’ve recorded with both S.J. and Dr. Crosby, so I suggested we record our next one on this very subject and explore it further.

We discuss how this works, and spend the second half of the conversation discussing practical ways we can change this in our own personal lives and in our fellowship with one another.  

Give it a listen as it’s definitely the most insightful conversation the three of us have had together on the podcast so far.

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