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What Is Missional Community? | Podcast with Mark Burgess & Shaun WissmannThis post is a 1 min read

What is a missional community

Join us this week for our podcast discussion with Mark Burgess, and Shaun Wissmann, both missionaries and serving in missional community in Chorrillos, Peru.

We shoot the breeze and discuss the differences between missional community and house churches.  Is it just an alternative to “big churches?”  What is a community on mission together?  When the writer of Hebrews talks about not forsaking gathering together, is this referring to attending a weekly service, or something more profoundly missed in our modern context?

Mark and Shaun also brought up some very interesting points in this discussion, about how there is no ‘magic silver bullet‘ to community, but it takes lots of time and hard work.  Are you willing to put in the commitment and sacrifice?  In launching missional communities, or in planting house churches, by and large, are we going to the pattern of Scripture for our foundation, or looking at the culture around us and mixing it in with our desires and preferences for what an MC is supposed to look like?

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