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pray in tongue ebook reviewDuring my second semester of Bible school, we had a class called Principles of Faith and Prayer, with Brian Parkman, and as class texts he gave us a Kenneth Hagin book on faith, and this book by Dave Roberson that didn’t arrive until just before our spring break.

When it came, I began reading my copy of Roberson’s book, The Walk of the Spirit, The Walk of Power on the very next Saturday early in the afternoon, and could not put it down, and finished it that very weekend. I then went back through it and began re-reading it, highlighting and marking up my copy. Maybe once a year I read it straight through again, and have re-read several chapters dozens of times each, maybe even more than that.

A 400 page book on its subject, The Walk of The Spirit The Walk of Power is the only book of its kind I know of that covers the topic of speaking and praying in tongues–specifically the personal praying for spiritual edification.

I’m hoping to print several hundred copies of the Spanish version in order to freely give it to pastors and leaders down here in Peru, where I’m currently missionarying it up.

The thing is, this is not a book to read for head knowledge or theological perspective. You benefit from DOING what you learn in it. Again, some of the clearest teaching on praying in tongues I’ve ever come across are brought forth in this book.

But, sadly, most Christians are content with their misunderstanding on the subject and would never go near such a treasure, let alone devour it and put it all into practice. Oh well, all the more for people like me who will!  Charismatics need to read this book too, judging by some of the nonsense I’ve heard taught on the subject.

I don’t know how well known Roberson is, because this is the only work he’s published, and has not felt led to write any other books, but I would easily deem him one of the experts on the subject based on the experience, insight, and Scriptural revelation he shares in this work.

Also, it is very understandable and readable.

When I first discovered podcasting, I searched for him on iTunes and found his teaching, along with messages by Gary Carpenter at the Tulsa Family Prayer Center, and have probably listened to hundreds of messages of Roberson’s and sometimes when I preach and teach things I hear his voice in my head where I first learned something from.

But I had never SEEN him in person or in video, and somehow stumbled across this in a “related” video to something else I’d watched. It almost made him more ‘grandfatherly’ to me now.

At any rate, read the book, and if you have about 20 minutes check out this interview with him.


Since posting this, I’ve written a book called Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues. You can get it in paperback or Kindle version at Amazon. Read Dave’s book to build yourself up. Read mine to answer your friends who believe misconceptions about this wonderful gift.

June 28th/14 Edit: You can now also get Roberson’s book FREE on Amazon here: US link, Canadian link, UK link

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